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Forged in the fires of BBQ competition, Executive Chef Stephen Perrin, classically trained in the art of fine dining, is also known for flexing his award-winning barbecue chops across North America, racking up a long list of accolades that have solidified him as a Canadian barbecue pit master.


Small social functions to large corporate catering events, Rusty's can accommodate all your bbq 

catering needs. We provide full service options including: service staff, dinnerware and any equipment rentals. 


Our experience and refined catering process insures the finest barbecue, In addition to our fabulous ribs,

pulled pork and brisket we feature fresh local produce, freshly made sides, and a focus on

cooking from scratch.


With great pride and focused attention, Rusty’s strives to redefine your expectations of restaurant venue programs. From the point of initial contact over the telephone to the conclusion of your evening, we make things as simple and smooth as possible.

Our proven reputation for quality food, 

service speed of execution stands for itself. Here at Rusty’s, we will do whatever it takes to and

make your party a success.

Contact Us

(705) 445-2718

For more than 20 years, three men, four restaurants and a great friendship have driven the evolution of a diverse portfolio of dining locations well established in Toronto and beyond. The Substance Food Group brings to you Rusty’s @ Blue.

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